Who are the RDO – Resort Development Organisation?

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Before buying a timeshare or becoming a member of a holiday club there are some things worth knowing and questions to explore. You will hear people mentioning RDO and may have seen the logo plastered on marketing material, but who are the RDO?

Who are the RDO?

RDO is the abbreviated term for Resort Development Organisation. The RDO are the trade association for the holiday ownership industry. This includes basic timeshare, fractional ownership and holiday clubs.

For a resort to become a member of the RDO they must adhere to high level of code of conduct. They also must provide a high level of service standard. The RDO investigates fraudulent activity to help protect timeshare owners from unlawful firms. All RDO members have undertaken tough scrutiny before being accepted.

Owning a timeshare at an RDO member resort will give you access to their free complaint handling service. This ensures resorts do not break the code of conduct set by the RDO. Resorts who break this code of conduct would risk losing the important RDO status.

So now the big question of ´Who are the RDO?´ has been answered. You can find an updated list of RDO member resorts by clicking the button below.

RDO Member Resorts

We recommend to sample an RDO member resort before committing to purchasing a timeshare or joining a holiday club. It is not a legal obligation to become a member of the RDO. However, if a resort is not a member of the RDO it may be because they have not met the high service and code of conduct required.

Sample a promotional holiday at the Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife. The Pearly Grey Ocean Club are members of the RDO and TATOC 

Sample the Pearly Grey Ocean Club

Please note Your Promo Holiday is not and does not represent itself as being the RDO.