Where is the best place to holiday

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The weather in Tenerife is perfect with very little rainfull in the south, You can soak up the sun while drinking a pint of lager for just 95 cent on the sea front of Los Cristianos. Restaurants supplying 3 cause meals for €7 this really is the perfect place to holiday.
You could pay thousands for that 1 holiday to end up stuck in your hotel room due to a monsoon wishing you were back in the cold at home, Tenerife is not effected by Monsoons, earth quakes, hurricanes or tornadoes.
And to top it all off there are a lot of hotels/resorts or vacation clubs are offering promotional holidays, For a timeshare owner you can get 7 nights in 4 star hotel for as little as 99 quid and for non owners 249 pounds with discounts on the already cheap flights that leave the uk. Your Promo Holiday is a great search engine to find out if and what offers you might qualify for. We visited www.yourpromoholiday.com and input our details to see what was out there, we received a phone call the following day at the time we requested and was offered to stay at the 4 star Fanabe Costa Sur in may for 7 nights costing 249 pounds and if flights booked though their flight department would have saved us an extra 50 pound totaling 190 for 2 return flights. After checking on a few hotel booking websites and checking flights on skyscanner we found that the flight really was 50 pounds cheaper for the exact same flight and the cheapest we could find the hotel for was 429 so a holiday that would have cost 669 in total if booked our self came to only 439 through the company your promo holiday had found us. Saving us 230 quid to spend on tapas and mojitos.[/rad_page_widget][rad_page_widget id=’rpwQNRESIBEOPBH0FOFQ42FH1YDSEF45UXG’ type=’rad_image_widget’ last=’true’ type=’rad_image_widget’ image=’http://www.yourpromoholiday.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/los-gigantis.jpg’ text_title=’Image’ link=” lightbox=’false’ text_caption=’Caption For the Image’ width=” height=” hoverc=” hoverbg=” clear_float=’no’ resizing=’none’ visibility=’none’ delay=’0′ title_color=” title_size=” title_w=” text_color=” type=’rad_image_widget’ id=’rpwQNRESIBEOPBH0FOFQ42FH1YDSEF45UXG’ ][/rad_page_widget][/rad_page_container][/rad_page_section]

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