What is a promotional holiday?

What is a Promotional Holiday?

A promotional holiday is a way for luxury resorts, hotels or holiday companies to advertise their holiday products. This allows holidaymakers to experience hotels and sample new destinations at a fraction of the cost. Hotels want you to enjoy your stay as you would as a full paying guests. You will receive the exact same accommodation and have full use of the hotel facilities as full paying guests do.

What is required from me?

All they ask is for one morning of your time to show you around the hotel and explain the type of holidays they can provide. You are under no obligation to enter into any form of agreement, however you are obligated to attend the meeting in full.

How do I know if this offer is for me?

Simply click on the link below and fill out the form. You will receive an email (or phone call if you prefer) giving details of all destinations on offer for you.

Do I qualify for a promotional holiday?


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