What does TATOC stand for in timeshare?

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When you become members of a holiday club or purchase a timeshare, every now and again you will hear the word TATOC. Timeshares, holiday clubs and exchange systems can get very confusing so in this post we would like to answer one of the big questions. What does TATOC stand for? and explain the importance of them.

What does TATOC stand for?

TATOC is the abbreviation of Timeshare Association (for Timeshare Owners and Committees).

TATOC was formed back in 1989 by timeshare owners themselves to assist like-minded timeshare owners. The importance of TATOC is that they are not controlled by a business operating under profitable interests. Their mission is to enhance the holiday ownership experience and be the voice of the owners. TATOC has become increasingly powerful, helping thousands of European families with their timeshares all over the world.

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In 2008 TATOC opened its consumer helpline that assists timeshare owners from all over Europe. To date they have assisted thousands of consumers, saving them an estimated 5.5 million Euros. They respond to more than 40,000 enquires each year giving advice on peoples timeshares.

As of November 2019 TATOC has just under 100 timeshare resorts as members. Member resorts must adhere by strict codes of conduct and sales practices. Due to the credibility for a timeshare resort to become a member of TATOC, these numbers are increasing year on year. 

This amazing organisation have given advice to parliaments, police, Trading Standards and Citizens Advice which has an impact on how timeshares are sold today.

So, now the question of, ´What does TATOC stand for´, has been answered. We recommend contacting them with any queries in regards to your timeshare.

Visit them online: www.tatoc.co.uk

Sample a TATOC approved hotel

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