What are my rights as a timeshare owner?

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The 1st thing to remember is that going to your home resort will more than often likely end up in a sales presentation AGAIN. Not every company are like this, I hear of companies all the time treating their customers with the most upright respect.

For me I give Happy Mag the biggest thumbs up. I believe it is an Austrian company with customer service on its mind. Please remember I am impartial but during a job i worked with, this company appeared 2 times in 2 years with customers wanting to exit and only due to change of circumstances. Happy owners, and only due to inheriting the ownership.

However not all ownership’s are the same. Some will pester you for ever increasing maintenance fees and give you information based purely on them earning more money.

The reason timeshare has the reputation it has is due to criminals being attracted to money. Wherever there is money to be made there will be a scam around the corner.

Every company that offer to help will be earning money, there is no charity that works to help timeshare owners. They all charge but what you need to know is that it is illegal to charge advertising fees so if someone offers to put your ownership on their website you do not have to pay, if they want money they are breaking laws to begin with so avoid like the plague.

“We have found a buyer so all we need now are the legal fees” Name change and legal fees should be paid for buy the business if you are not selling privately.

Remember any company that can get you out of your timeshare usually have a product to sell, this doesn’t mean you have to buy into their product however if they do not tell you this is an option than you need to think about how they earn money.

You are in a very difficult situation as it seems there is nobody you can trust however… saying this how will you ever know. You either keep paying the forever increasing fees or you visit a specialist. Get impartial advice and never accept a cold caller, There is no such thing as a timeshare owners list. COLD CALLS ARE ILLEGAL….
If a company tell you they can help, make sure they are not linked to a timeshare resort or the RDO. the RESORT DEVOLPERS ORGANISATION are there to protect the resort devolopers (including enforcing maintenance fees are paid.) It is understandable that if everybody that no longer wanted their timeshares just gave them back or legally disposed of them then the people that wanted to keep their timeshare would have to increase their fees, it cost the same to run a resort if 1000 owners spit the cheque or 500 member did.

There is a company offering Timeshare health check weeks runing on the south of tenerife and in the uk, Offering impatial advice with a promise to not try to sell you another TIMESHARE. However there is a cost but let them pay it,
They have a fee of 99 and put money towards flights and promise to not put you up in a timeshare resort to insure that you are not bothered or tried to sell into another timeshare product. Just keep an open mind and if they an not help you then at least you have enjoyed a holiday. APPLE WITH http://www.yourpromoholiday.com/bonus-weeks/[/rad_page_widget][/rad_page_container][/rad_page_section]

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