Visiting Tenerife, most popular tourist destination!

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Why are more and more Brits visiting Tenerife each year?

Spain is the most visited country amongst British tourists, with around 15.9 million visits made in 2017.
The amount of tourists opting to holiday overseas increases each year. There are more than two million Brits visiting Tenerife last year according to the Tenerife Tourism Corporation. Brits made up 36.6% of foreign visitors. But what is bringing them to Tenerife?


Terror threat in the Canary Islands has remained with a low status ranking Tenerife one of the safest tourist destinations to travel in. Although there is a heightened risk of terrorism for Spain, this does not apply to the Canary Islands. The islands are a popular tourist destination, as such the security is at a relatively high standard and crime rates are low making visiting Tenerife a safe haven.

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No dangerous animals

Believe it or not, No dangerous animals live on Tenerife. No snakes, No Scorpions, No deadly spiders / Tarantulas and there has been no documented shark attacks on the island either.

Best weather in the world

The south of Tenerife is considered by many to have the best weather in the world! Offering sunshine all year round makes this the perfect destination to enjoy hot winters away from the rain and snow. With tourists visiting Tenerife all year round, the island never sleeps. Tenerife is not affected by any natural disasters, therefore, has no hurricane or rainy seasons.

Top attractions

Tenerife is home to the number 1 water park and number 1 zoo in the world! Siam Park has won Trip Advisor´s Travellers choice award 6 years running ranking higher than the infamous Disney and Universal parks. Siam Parks sister company, Loro Parque has taken first place 3 years running as number 1 zoo in the world.

Siam Park (The World´s Number 1 Water Park)

Star Gazing

The Canary Islands are ranked 2nd best place for astronomy in the world. Regular excursions are available which will take you high above the clouds up Spain´s highest volcano, Mt Teide. You can watch the sun set below you with a glass of cave before experiencing the majestic Milky Way in all it´s glory.

Dark Skies Tenerife Stargazing Experience 60€ (Night Skies)

Marine Life

The marine life off the coast of Tenerife is nothing short of spectacular. Daily trips will take you out to visit some of the many species of whales and dolphins that cohabit there all year round. Whether you are travelling as a family or a couple, you can find the ideal trip for you.a

Tenerife Skyline Yacht 35€

7 night promotional holidays are available in the south of Tenerife from just £129 per couple and £149 per family. Come and sample the luxury holiday ownership resorts that are on offer!

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