Benefits of being a timeshare owner

What are the benefits of being a timeshare owner?

How we look after timeshare owners

We understand timeshare owners have high expectations when it comes to holidays. Your Promo Holiday offer benefits for being a timeshare owner.

*Promotional holidays mean no added maintenance fees
*Does not effect your existing timeshare ownership in any way
*Lower booking fees mean owners fees are capped at £99 per holiday
*Unit size to suit your whole family at no extra cost
*More choice of destinations
*10€ voucher to spend on excursions on any Tenerife holiday

Let us know about your ownership

Your opinion on timeshare matters

Your Promo Holiday want to know how you feel about your holiday product. What type of holiday product do you own and do you make the most of it? What could your resort do to improve you stay?

Complete our timeshare survey for a chance to win a £100 flight discount.

Your Promo Holiday will be having a monthly givaway of either a £100 voucher to be use with selected airlines or a £50 high street voucher. All you need to do is complete our timeshare survey to be in for a chance of winning. We want to know your views on timeshare and how you think it could be improved.

Why your opinion matters to us

Your Promo Holiday would like to understand how timeshare owners feel about the product they have purchased and how they was treated during the buying process.

As a company, we would like to grow and offer more destinations to our customers. By completing our quick survey we will learn which resorts treated you with the courtesy you deserve. We also need know who we should avoid ever working with in the future. We believe every single customer should have experienced nothing but respect and to have enjoyed every minute of their holiday.

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