Timeshare Advice, what are my rights?


Why should I see a timeshare specialist?

Do you need timeshare advice? The timeshare specialists can arrange a meeting to discuss your product. They can teach you how to make the most of your timeshare and explain how the different timeshare exchange systems work. They can also explain the easiest way to exit from your ownership if or when the time comes.

I no longer want my timeshare

Knowledge is power

Will my timeshare company buy back my timeshare? or give me the timeshare advice I need?

Have you ever asked your home resort to buy back your timeshare or even just take it back from you to end the ever increasing maintenance fees? The usual answer is no. Most resort are not even willing to give you timeshare advice.

More commonly they would recommend another `trustworthy` company to sell on your behalf and all you have to do is pay upfront advertising fees and 2 years down the line you find you are getting nowhere. People do not wake up in the morning and think ´I´m going to have my morning coffee and then buy a timeshare´. You probably didn´t buy your timeshare that way so why would someone else.

Your consultant will give you impartial advice and talk you through all of your options to exit your timeshare.

Timeshare Consultations

For just £79 you can have your timeshare consultation. A timeshare specialist will look over the mound of paper work you have collected over the years and will answer any questions you may have. A lot of timeshare owners have had many great family holidays but as the holiday industry changes it can become very confusing. Company name changes or maybe you were switched onto a point system from fixed weeks with no say in the matter.

If your circumstances have simply changed and you are no longer getting the most out of your timeshare ownership. Your consultant can explain how to make the best use of your timeshare ownership along with possible exit programs. All your questions will be answered by someone who is impartial so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Timeshare Advice

Get impartial timeshare advice on any holiday ownership

Do you need timeshare advice on your holiday ownership? Whether it be timeshare weeks, points, credits, holiday packs or even companies offering timeshare refund actions.

Timeshare health checks provide the answers to any questions you may have. You can book an appointment to see a timeshare specialist in Bournemouth, Stratford Upon Avon, York or Tenerife.

If none of the timeshare advice centres are near by to you then we would provide 1 or 2 nights of accommodation (not timeshare hotels) included in the consultation fee of £79

What do I get for the £79 consultation fee?

You will receive impartial timeshare advice on any aspect of your timeshare ownership. You will be shown a range of options to exit from your timeshare. If you do not want to exit right now like lots of people, simply take the information away for a later date.

You will also be shown how to maximise the use of your timeshare, if that is what you wish to know. They will provide 7 nights in a 4 star hotel (not timeshare) in Tenerife or 1 or 2 nights accommodation in the UK (if you need it). If you would like an appointment only and would not need the accommodation we provide we will book a morning appointment in which you can keep the consultant for as long as needed. The price is the same. Bring as much paperwork as you have and write down as many questions you can think of. Make the most of your time with the timeshare specialist and get all the timeshare advice you need.

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