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How do I rent out my timeshare?

Here are some tips to help you rent out your timeshare

There are many companies and websites out there that you can use to help you rent out your timeshare but it is never guaranteed.

Never pay large up front fees to list your timeshare: it may not get rented out, No company can guarantee they will find someone who wants to rent your timeshare.

Advertise on several sites: Search the internet for companies that offer cheap timeshare listings. More places the better.

Be realistic with your timeshare rental prices: Some people are happy to just cover the cost of their maintenance fees and guest certificate charges and those peoples timeshares will rent out first.

Ask questions and do not trust everyone: There are companies out there that will call you to tell you they may be able to rent your timeshare and you would need to meet them to handle the paper work. This is often a way for people to get you to another timeshare presentation.

Take the payment 1st: Never pay for the guest certificate before you have been paid, they could pull out or worse, take you holiday and not pay at all. Let the buyer take the risks. If they want to use a lawyer let them pay for it and ask for them to pay yours as well. There are risks involved in buying and selling anything online but unfortunately some things can only be sold or rented in that way.

How do I rent out my timeshare

You may find it difficult to rent out your timeshare. So the best thing to do is advertise on as many sites as possible to get people seeing your advert. Try to give yourself plenty of time to find a renter and be only deal with someone you can trust.

List Your Timeshare Now

List your timeshare for rent today. Upload images and text to describe your timeshare. We will try our best to find a possible renter and then the rest is up to you. Click FILE UPLOADS below and get started . If you need further assistance fill free to call on 0845 862 09 67

Why advertise with us.

To understand the benefits of listing your timeshare rental with us you must understand what we do as a business.

Your Promo Holiday provide promotional holidays to many different vacation clubs and timeshare resorts, As you may know, not everyone qualifies for a promotional holiday whether it be there age, income or nationality, When this situation occurs we like to give our customers an alternative option of a cheap timeshare rental. A happy customer may use us again and the more customers advertising on our website the more traffic we will receive.

Also we have customers applying for resorts or destinations we do not offer promotional holidays to.

Some people apply for holidays who are unsure of timeshare and the concept of a promotional holiday. The fact of having to attend a holiday ownership presentation or promotional tour of a resort may not be for them. In this situation it would be good for us to offer a discounted rental.

We can not guarantee that we can find a customer to rent your timeshare week or points. If we do, we simply, with your permission pass your contact details on to them. It is then between you both to arrange payments etc.

Our website is a place for you to list your timeshare rental only. We do not take payments of any kind for the rental of your timeshare and do not take any responsibility thereafter.

With a FREE 3 months listing you are hardly losing anything. If you have a change of mind or feel uncomfortable dealing with whom ever is interested in renting your timeshare, there is no financial risk to you.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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