Promotional holidays. Are they safe?

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Why do I get phone calls telling me i have won a holiday?

How did these people get my details?

When you get that phone call telling you that you have won a holiday, it is for a promotional holiday and not something that you have won at all. You will only need to pay a small admin fee and you will receive a luxury holiday for free. The admin fee is usually just £99 per couple or £149 for a family. During this holiday you will have to attend a holiday ownership presentation during one morning or afternoon of your holiday.

The companies that obtain your details have usually purchased them from other companies. You may have been members of a club or done some kind of promotion while on holiday or online, and given your permission for your information to be passed on without even knowing.

Don´t trust anyone who has cold called you. Cold calling is illegal for a reason. Ask where they got you details from and if you do not remember giving it to them then hang up the phone. There are legal companies offering the same cheap holiday at the same prices, you just need to find them.

What is the safest way to pay for a promotional holiday?

Is it safe to pay over the phone?

Believe it or not, but it is actually safer to pay by card over the phone than it is to pay in person by cash. Cash is not protected, cheques are not protected and shockingly, neither are bank transfers. The only way you are protected paying for anything is to pay using Visa or MasterCard. These two companies will insure you against fraud and the liquidation of companies. When it comes to holidays make sure you flights are booked yourself or by someone ATOL protected.

I have won a holiday but I have to pay a small handling fee per person?

How do I know if I can trust this holiday company?

This handling fee can be called many things. Administration fee, booking fee, pay for one night and get 6 nights free and so on. The fact is that nothing is free and there is always a cost. and as long as you know and accept that then it does really matter what they call it. This fee should only ever be paid by Visa or MasterCard so that you are insured. If this turned out to be a bogus company then they will ensure that you are refunded. Any company that tells you that you need to go into the bank and pay by bank transfer or to send a cheque are doing this because they have not got the facilities to take payment over the phone. Therefore, taking away your chances of a refund if anything was untoward. Any legally registered company can get these facilities unless the business is deemed high risk or has had that right taken away from them due to misconduct. PayPal is thought of as the safest way of paying for things online and this is true however PayPal does not insure you when purchasing holiday products or sending payments as a gift.

How do I book a promotional holiday?

What is a promotional holiday?

A promotional holiday is when a holiday ownership resort or vacation club offers a 7 night stay in one of their hotels at a massively reduced rate. They offer these timeshare tester weeks as a way to advertise their holiday company. You will be shown a range of holiday products and they will explain how their holidays work and how they can benefit you. Booking a promotional holiday is simple, providing that you qualify for one of the cheap holidays. Each hotel has a different criteria to qualify depending on the product that they are selling. Your Promo Holiday has a range of resorts and destinations on offer. We only use long standing, legal, and high end timeshare resorts or holiday ownership companies, so you will have piece of mind knowing nothing can go wrong. Click the link below to look at at our resorts on offer and plan you promotional holiday. www.yourpromoholiday.com







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