Is it safe to buy a timeshare on eBay?

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I have seen timeshares being advertised on eBay very cheap

Are these just really good deals or is it a scam?

A question we get asked a lot is, is it safe to buy a timeshare on eBay?

There are a lot of timeshares advertised on eBay and there are pros and cons to buying timeshares online. eBay are unable to check out every person who advertises a product on eBay. Timeshares can be confusing and some even have to be notorized. Each product is different depending on your ownership and purchasing agreements.

Buying a timeshare in some countries can be the same as buying a house. Clicking ´Buy Now´ does not automatically make you a timeshare owner. You would still need to go to a solicitor to make sure there is no money owing in maintenance fees. Also to ensure you are buying the timeshare from the rightful owners and someone is not trying to sell stolen deeds. Saying this, there are also honest reliable timeshare owners trying to sell their unwanted timeshares.

Why are timeshares so cheap on ebay?

Is it safe to buy a timeshare on ebay?

Timeshares are advertised so cheaply on eBay for a number of reasons.

The timeshare could have maintenance fees that have not been paid for years. Buying a timeshare with a debt outstanding could mean that the debt now is the new owners responsibility. You can not use a timeshare if the are debts attached.

You need to know who you are dealing with. The advertiser may not be who they say they are. It has been known for people to contact you to say you will need to go to their office to finalise paperwork. This is more than likely going to be a sales presentation. You didn´t actually buy anything online. It was all just a ploy to get you to their office.

It could also be that the sellers feel that they have made the best use out of their timeshare over the years and simply have changed how they holiday. Maybe they are now unable to holiday and would be relieved to not have to keep paying maintenance fees.

Some people can find that their circumstances have changed and are desperate to sell as they cannot afford to pay the yearly fees. Always make sure there are no outstanding maintenance fees.

Is it a good idea to buy a timeshare on the internet?

Buying timeshares on the internet can be good if you already know you like the resort and destination. Only do this if you pay a solicitor to handle the paperwork. Make sure it is done correctly to ensure there will be no problems down the line.

Do not just buy a timeshare on eBay because you like the price. If you take that first holiday and find out you hate the resort and destination then you may be committed to taking every future holiday there, and paying for it.

A resort could look great on photos, but when where these photos taken? Was it when the resort was first built? They can easily edit out any unsightly views they would prefer you not to see.

You should always see the resort and apartment before buying. Can you see yourself holidaying there year after year? Are the staff at the resort polite and helpful? Bad mannered staff can ruin your holiday.

Try out the resort before you buy a timeshare there. Go on a timeshare tester week. These cheap timeshare holidays are a great way for you to test out the timeshare first before making that big decision. The timeshare reps, of course, will try to sell you a timeshare as that it the reason why you are there. They can give you more information than you can not get online. If they are pushy with their sales practice, then you know the resort is not for you. Better to find out now rather than when you already own there. Ask the guests around the pool if they own a timeshare there and what their experiences have been. The hotel guests are real people and have all gone through the same timeshare buying process as you. Ask them if they would still make that same decision to buy today.

Timeshare tester weeks are available in most resorts with an active timeshare sales deck.

How much do cheap timeshare tester weeks cost?

The price can range depending on which resort you want to stay at. Some timeshare resorts will offer a discounted rental for up to 50% off the normal rental price. This will be refunded if you purchase a timeshare. They do this to stop people abusing the system and using timeshare companies for free holidays. This also could be because the resort do not believe they have a good enough product and not many people will buy.

Every company offering promotional holiday will have a charge but this is usually between £99 and £199 for the standard accommodation. The price will depend on amount of people travelling and apartment size needed. Again, this charge is to ensure the customers will arrive at the hotel. If it was free, then people could change their minds with out informing the resorts. This would mean that the accommodation would go empty and other guests could be turned away.

These are the best promotional holidays to take as they are inexpensive. If you decide you do not want to buy a timeshare at this resort or destination, you have hardly lost anything and would have had a great holiday. Most resorts will offer a promotional holiday only once, but you can test out as many as you like and only buy when you feel you are ready to commit.

When is the best time to buy a timeshare?

When you are at a timeshare meeting the best price will be the last price they give you. Walking away from the table will not make it cheaper. Sales reps and their sales managers are on commission and will not receive anything if you do not purchase that day. If you decide to go home and think about it, it is very unlikely to get that price over the phone. If you call to buy a timeshare you have no bargaining power. Phoning in or enquiring online to the resort is a massive buying signal. You might as well give them the cash first and then ask for a discount. Let the reps knock their commission down to get the sale on the day.

I hope this post has helped you avoid making a decision that you might regret. You can get some good deals online but make sure you are 100% satisfied before you buy a timeshare on eBay.

How do I book a timeshare promotional holiday?

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is it safe to buy a timeshare on ebay