I want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife

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I want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife

A holiday home in Tenerife

I want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife! This is something we hear a lot when our customers are considering buying a timeshare. This is because Tenerife is a great destination. The use of timeshare in Tenerife has been growing over the last few years due to the bad press from the 1980´s finally being squashed. The safety and security that Tenerife has to offer is amongst the top in Europe. Also, with its great year round weather it makes this an even more perfect place to set up a little holiday home.

How will BREXIT affect my timeshare?

Do not worry

BREXIT will only affect the amount of days you can spend in european countries per visit. Unless you plan to buy six months worth of timeshare then this should not affect you buying a timeshare in Tenerife.

Buying a timeshare in Tenerife

How to avoid mistakes if you want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife

Lots of people can make mistakes when buying a timeshare. All they know is that they want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife, this does not mean all timeshares in Tenerife will be good for you. You need to factor in what area in Tenerife you want to buy the timeshare. For example. If you buy in the north of Tenerife it is much cooler than the south and is considered seasonal. Do you want to buy a timeshare in Tenerife south of Tenerife north? Make sure you like the location as well as the resort.

Come to Tenerife first to make sure it is for you

Try the island before you buy a timeshare in Tenerife

Your Promo Holiday offer promotional holidays for people who want to find out for themselves what it would be like to buy a timeshare in Tenerife before outlaying any money. A promotional holiday in Tenerife will cost as little as £99 per couple or £149 for a family. Your flights are not included but we are able to help you find a great deal.
If you would like to consider other destinations please feel free to browse our website to find the resort and destination for you.

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