Holiday Terms & Conditions

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2. Accommodation is subject to availability. If for any reason the management company can no longer provide accommodation for your booked dates, Your Promo Holiday will provide alternative accommodation at a hotel with an equal star rating.
3. Some of our resorts may or may not meet your requirements. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each party travelling to inform us in advance of any disabilities or special needs which need to be taken in consideration.  The resorts do not accept liability if this information is not disclosed during your reservation.
4. Please be advised once we have confirmed your booking information, you must contact us a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your travel date if you need cancel. If you have failed to contact us seven (7) days prior to cancellation you will be charged one night´s stay on the credit card details given by you. If you fail to show at the hotel and do not inform us, then the hotel reserves the right to charge you for the full cost of the stay.
5. Any payment made to Your Promo Holiday to confirm this reservation, is a non-refundable administration fee (covering accommodation costs).
6. The person making the booking must be over 35 years of age (unless otherwise agreed), and accept responsibility that all personal information (homeowners, ages, employment, income, marital status) disclosed to the company for all members travelling in the party is to be true. False information is cause for full accommodation costs above the promotional offer to be incurred or cancellation of the holiday.
7. Please note that no dogs or pets of any kind are permitted on this promotional offer.
8. The couple accepting the promotional offer are required to attend an presentation during one morning or afternoon with a Consultant who will explain the benefits of the system. (However, you are under no obligation to enter into any form of contract).  This will take place at their local offices. An appointment will be made for you prior to your stay at your chosen resort. If you fail to attend this appointment, you shall be liable to pay the full rental cost for your accommodation for the duration of your stay.
9. If any person on the booking is unable to travel you must inform us immediately as this may invalidate the offer.
10. The couple accepting the promotion must be credit card holders.
11. You should not be using this promotional week before or after another promotional holiday with any company.
12. Should you arrive and have friends or family working as an employee of either the agent or marketer or employee / past employee of any holiday ownership industry company you will be billed the full cost of the accommodation.

If you misrepresent yourself on any of these qualifications, you will be billed in full for the accommodation at the prices listed below.

Studio £375 / 1 bedroom £450 / 2 bedroom £515[/rad_page_widget][/rad_page_container][/rad_page_section]

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