Extra weeks of RCI accommodation

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Are you are a member of RCI? Your Promo Holiday would happily provide extra weeks of RCI accommodation to take within the year. This gives you the option to bank your week or points for a long holiday next year. One of our bonus weeks are offered as a promotional holiday to sample other RCI affiliated resorts.

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What are extra weeks of RCI accommodation?

Please note, Your Promo Holiday is not and does not represent itself as being RCI. Any resorts offered on this website are promoted via direct contracts either with the resorts directly or an external marketer. When we refer to extra weeks of RCI accommodation, we mean a 7 night stay provided by Your Promo Holiday staying at a resort that can be found in the RCI directory.

In our opinion, RCI is the best exchange company out there. RCI offers customers the freedom to travel the world extensively. Allows you to able to bank your weeks and points that has saved consumers millions of pounds over the years.

Are you are planning on saving this years allocation to put towards a longer stay or upgraded accommodation? Then why not book a promotional holiday? We are offering an extra week of RCI accommodation in Tenerife, Malta, Spain & Thailand for just £99!

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