Difference between RCI Weeks and RCI points

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What is the difference between RCI weeks and RCI points?

Timeshare can be tricky to understand as there are so many different types of products out there. In this post we will be explaining the difference between RCI weeks and RCI points. We will try to explain this in very basic terms to avoid causing more confusion.

When speaking about RCI, the main things you will hear about are RCI weeks, RCI seeded points and RCI pure points. RCI is the biggest holiday exchange company in the world. They allow you to deposit your holiday week or points into a pot and swap them with other RCI members.

We will not just explain the difference between RCI weeks and RCI points. We will also explain the difference between seeded and pure points. 

What are RCI weeks?

RCI weeks are weeks of timeshare accommodation purchased at an RCI affiliated resort. They change from a standard week of timeshare to an RCI week once you become an RCI member. This then allows you to swap your RCI week from your home resorts to any other RCI affiliated resort. You must own your timeshare at an RCI affiliated resort to be able to use the RCI exchange program.

Your maintenance fees remain the same and are still payable to your home resort.

What are RCI seeded points?

RCI seeded points work off the exchange power of your timeshare. For example, if you own a timeshare in a Gold Crown resort during a busy time of year (Red Week) it would be worth more than owning a timeshare at a Silver Crown resort in low season. Your timeshare week has a value in points. Once you seed your week into points it makes it easier to divide into multiple holidays.

In a way this is kind of like getting change back from your weeks if you swap it for a week somewhere that costs less points. If you have remaining points at the end of the year you can bank them and use the year after.

Your maintenance fees remain the same and are still payable to your home resort.

What are RCI pure points

RCI pure points are exactly as they sound. You have purchased only points and do not own a week of timeshare. RCI pure points are a good idea as they come with the minimum maintenance fees for the required amount of points. They can not lose the points value that you purchase. If you owned seeded points and your timeshare lost its gold crown status then your seeded points could be worth less. Pure points will keep their exchange value.

We have explained the difference between RCI weeks and RCI points in a very basic term as to not confuse the readers. However, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding what you would like to do. There are fees along the way in regards to becoming a member, banking weeks and points etc. There are also different membership options which should be chosen with consideration.

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We would recommend speaking to RCI directly or if you prefer, in person to a representative at an RCI affiliated hotel. We offer promotional holidays at RCI affiliated resorts. You can sit down with their representative, who would be happy to answer any questions that you have and explain everything in full.

This is a great way for you to learn everything you need to, as well as for the resorts to promote their products. If you are happy, you can choose to make a decision while you are there or take the information home to look over some more.

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