Cost to join RCI. Membership fees and exchange fees

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If you are a timeshare owner at an RCI affiliated resort then you might be interested in joining RCI. You probably love your timeshare but do not want to be committed to holidaying in that same hotel year after year. This post is to inform our customers about the cost to join RCI and what benefits come with it. 

As of 20 November 2019 you currently have 4 price options for RCI week owners. The cost to join RCI depends on how long of a membership you would like. All fees stated are subject to change and do not include your yearly maintenance fees. Maintenance fees are payable directly to your home resort. This is a guideline only and further information should be obtained from RCI directly or a representative at an RCI affiliated hotel.

If you do not plan to visit your home resort this year then you can speak to a representative at an RCI affiliated resort during a 7 night promotional holiday for just £99. Here, they would be happy to answer any questions in full about joining RCI as well as the benefits. RCI is not for everyone as the benefits would depend on your holidaying circumstances. These include trading power, travel flexibility and basic holiday habits. A promotional holiday is a great way for you to receive the information face to face as well as for them to promote their hotels.

Cost to join RCI (membership fees)

2 years membership = £198 (£99 per year)
3 years membership = £229 (£76 per year)
4 years membership = £236 (£59 per year)
5 years membership = £264 (£53 per year)

This is the basic cost to join RCI as a member, there is also a booking fee which is payable at the time of booking & guest certificate fees. Guest certificate fees depend on your lever of membership. 

RCI exchange fee

Each time you would like to make an exchange through RCI you would pay an additional fee of $239 USD.

These extra charges on top of your current maintenance fees might not seem fair. However, you will have access to more than 4300 affiliated resorts worldwide! There are also other benefits such as depositing your week in their banking system if you are unable to travel one year. Additional banking fees depend on the length you would like to keep the week banked for.

You will have access to make last call bookings and cruise bookings. Last call booking will vary in price depending on apartment size. Cruise bookings also vary and you will need to contact RCI directly for this information. Last call bookings and cruises are extra holidays on top of your yearly allocation which hold no additional maintenance fees.

Book a 7 night promotional holiday for an informative consultation explaining the benefits of joining RCI. These consultation holidays can be done in Tenerife or Spain. Included in this consultation would be a tour of their resorts so that they can also promote their hotel. This costs just £99 which will include 7 nights of accommodation within an RCI affiliated hotel.

Book a 7 night promotional consultation

Please note our company is not and does not represent itself as being RCI. Any resorts offered on this website are promoted via direct contracts either with the resorts directly or an external marketer.

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