Can you join RCI without owning a timeshare?

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RCI is a great concept and really works well for most timeshare owners. It is so widely used and spoken about that non timeshare owners have also heard about it. It is not surprising that a common question we hear often is, can you join RCI without owning a timeshare?

RCI is a very exclusive holiday exchange network. The only way to take advantage of this amazing feature is by either owning a timeshare at an RCI affiliated resort, or to have purchased RCI pure points. In our opinion RCI is one of the only reasons timeshares is still thriving today!

Why can you not join RCI without owning a timeshare?

RCI originally began solely as an exchange network before you had the option of buying pure points. You have to deposit your timeshare in the bucket for other RCI members to be able to use. If you have nothing to put in then you can´t take out. You do however, have the option of buying RCI pure points from some RCI affiliated hotels.

Now that you understand why you can not join RCI without owning a timeshare or purchasing pure points, we will explain your best options and a few things to avoid along the way.

Is it better to buy a timeshare or RCI pure points?

This very much depends on what you want to get out of RCI. Are you planning on using RCI as a way to explore the world staying in nice accommodation? If yes, then RCI pure points would be a good option. If you travel to the same destination every year then you might be better off buying a timeshare.

Buying a timeshare allows you to exchange it if you want. However, owning a timeshare gives that piece of mind that you are guaranteed to have somewhere to stay. If you can not get the availability at the hotel you want, you will still have a week available to use at your home resort.

What costs more, pure points or timeshare maintenance?

When you buy points, you still have a annual fees just like owning a timeshare. Although this technically means that you can join RCI without owning a timeshare. Pure points are also still purchased from a timeshare resort. The trick is to buy a timeshare in a popular destination during a popular time of year at a small hotel with less facilities. This gives your timeshare a better exchange value. When it comes to transferring the timeshare into RCI points, your annual fees will be those of your home resort.

It might sound very attractive to own a timeshare at a huge resort with golf courses, multiple swimming pools, spas and a private beach. But if you plan on using purely to exchange, then you could be paying an unnecessary amount of maintenance fees. Owning a timeshare in a huge resort during a quite week could give you less points than owning a timeshare at a busy time of year in a small resort. Obviously, the smaller resort costs less to maintain, therefore your annual maintenance fees will be much less.

Working the system and playing it smart can get better value than owning pure points. Someones maintenance fees could be as little as £300 per year whilst others are paying £900 for the same amount of points.

Get all of the information before making a decision

Do not just buy a timeshare cheap to get yourself into the system without looking at the bigger picture. Most people who are trying to sell timeshares cheap, are doing so because the maintenance fees are increasing each year. They are desperate to get out for a reason. If it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is!

Take your time deciding and speak to a representative at an RCI affiliated hotel. Get all of the information and compare its points value before making a decision.

For Europeans we would recommend visiting the Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife. The accommodation is outstanding. The resort is small and timeshares in the Canary Islands offer a higher than average exchange value. This is due to the weather, making the Canaries popular all year round.

Are you are considering purchasing a timeshare or RCI pure points? Book a promotional holiday, sit down with a representative and discuss your options. It is better to have someone explain in full, every detail of what is involved and answer any questions that you have. Plus, you will get a nice cheap holiday at a timeshare resort at the same time.

There is no obligation to purchase anything whilst on a promotional holiday.

So what are you waiting for?

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