£99 Bonus Weeks

What is a Bonus Week?

A Bonus Week is an additional week of accommodation for an existing timeshare or points owner. This does not affect your ownership in any way. The week can coincide with your original ownership to create a longer stay or you can use it separately as an extra holiday.

Bonus weeks for timeshare owners

Timeshare weeks or points owners can apply for a ´bonus week´ and receive 7 nights of 4 or 5 star accommodation for a small booking fee of £99.

The offer is for couples or families. They will receive 7 nights of 4 or 5 star accommodation on a self catering or room only basis staying in a holiday ownership resort.
Flights are not included.

How do you apply for a timeshare bonus week?

It´s simple...

Simply fill out your details below and we will call you to let you know what is available in the destination you have chosen.

Please fill out the form below correctly to see if you qualify for our special offers.




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