Best way to sell a timeshare privately

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Selling timeshares privately

Selling a timeshare privately is not impossible. The problem that you face is that you do not have the target audience sat in front of you. The best way to sell a timeshare is to get it noticed to the right people. You can not expect to sell your timeshare to someone who has not experienced a timeshare holiday. This is why most people buy a timeshare while on a promotional holiday. It is very rare for you to sell a timeshare to a friend or stranger, specially if you do not have a strong sales background.  

In our experience, speaking with many timeshare owners, the only people who did not buy the timeshares directly from the resort were people who already owned timeshares. They understand the concept of timeshare holidays as they have holidayed in this way for many years. They also understand the value of a timeshare.

The best way to sell a timeshare is at your home resort

The majority of people at your timeshare hotel will already own timeshare there and will be available to take a quick look at what you are selling. Your timeshare resort is full of potential customers, many of whom love the product and use it yearly. They also holiday at the same time of year as the week your own, If they only own 1 week then they might be interested in adding another week to offer to friends and family. Your apartment might also be nicer than there´s, bigger or more suited. Speaking to other owners could find you a buyer quickly.

Best way to sell a timeshare if you are unable to travel

Like many timeshare owners, the reason for selling is usually due to no longer being able to travel. In this case your best option is to sell online. The same rule applies when selling a timeshare online. The best people to sell your timeshare to are timeshare owners! Do not waste time advertising your timeshare on classified listing sites that are not specifically aimed at timeshare owners. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack. It is not impossible to find a buyer on websites like Gumtree and Ebay, however, their listing fees are way to high for the amount of people that will see the adverts.

Best way to sell a timeshare online

The best way to sell a timeshare online is by choosing a website that deals with the sales of timeshares. Using a classified site that is aimed solely at timeshare owners will get much more foot traffic and is the first place to start. is currently a free advertising website intended for people to sell, rent and trade timeshares. Most websites like this do charge a free and Advertise My Timeshare will probable, eventually follow suit, but for the time being it is free to advertise. So make sure to take advantage of this.Best way to sell a timeshare online

Once you have placed your free advert you will have a neat looking post available to share on social media. Join Facebook groups aimed at timeshare sales and share your listings. Using a free timeshare classified site to post the original advert on also comes with some great features to avoid scammers. Advertise My Timeshare have a build in private chat option and you can report any suspicious activities. All buyers have to register their details before they can contact you as well. This will cut out all of the tyre kickers as well as possible scam relinquishment companies.

Once you find a buyer

The most important thing when selling a timeshare is to make sure that you do it correctly and legally. Once you have found a buyer, contact your resort and ask them to do the name change and always wait until you receive payment. If you are selling a high in value timeshare we would recommend using a solicitor. This can be done the same way as when buying and selling a house. More information on exchange contacts can be found on this link.

We hope that you found this post helpful. If you have came to this post by mistake and would like to view available timeshare properties for sale, we can offer promotional holidays from just £99. Please fell free to browse our destinations on offer.

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