Best time to book a flight from the UK

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Searching for flights and looking for the best prices can be stressful and tedious. We have conducted our own research to discover exactly when the best time to book a flight are. Travel website Expedia released its price plan at the beginning of the year based on flight data between October 2017 and September 2018.

Below are 3 tips that predict the best time to book a flight from UK airports.

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Flights should be booked at least three weeks before departure date

The era of last minute bargain deals is over! It appears most airlines around the globe up their prices dramatically within 3 weeks prior to departure date. Maybe they are counting on the fact that people might be desperate to travel immediately.

Weekends are the best days to book your flights

While most people across the UK like to spend their weekends unwinding after a long week at work, flight prices are usually lower on a Sunday! In the past people have saved up to 20% by booking their flights on a Sunday. Avoid booking flights on a Thursday & Fridays as this seems to be the most expensive day.

Travel on a Thursday or Friday

From recent flight patterns, it shows that travelling on a Thursday or Friday seems to be the cheapest. In 2018 travellers saved on average 10% flying on these days. Sunday appeared to be the most expensive day to fly on. It is although the airlines count on people needing to fly on weekend due to the majority of people in the UK working Monday – Friday. 

Best time to book a flight

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