Scots holiday flight to Tenerife diverted after 14 passengers wreak havoc on board and threaten flight crew

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After a passenger was taken ill onboard a Jet2 flight soon after take off from Newcastle airport, the plane had to be diverted to Santiago de Compostella in Northern Spain, there have been no reports as to the condition of the passenger.

The other flight was from Glasgow Airport, destination Tenerife South Airport which had to be diverted to Faro airport in Portugal due to 14 disruptive male passengers who had become abusive fuelled with alcohol and were threatening cabin crew.

The Pilot decided that it would be safer to divert the flight to Faro airport so the abusive passengers could be removed from the flight.

When the plane touched down in Portugal the police were waiting on the run way, boarded the aircraft and removed the unruly passengers who are facing prosecution and a lifetime ban.

The disruption caused a delay to the flight of approximately three hours but the passengers were relieved when the disruptive passengers were removed.

Glasgow airport were not aware of any problems with the passengers prior to the flight and there was no cause for concern.