Ways to book cheaper holidays abroad

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Your Promo Holiday loves finding ways to book cheaper holidays! We have put together what we believe to be the main 6 ways to book cheaper holidays that people forget to do. We are not going to bore you in this post with things that you already know, such as search around for the best deals etc. This post will cover flights, accommodation, transfers as well as activities you will be doing during your holiday.

6 ways to book cheaper holidays

Book holidays as far in advance as you can

The era of last minute deals is over. If you are the type of person who loves to book holidays spontaneously, then this can seriously harm your bank balance. Although this does depend on your flexibility. According to Travel Supermarket, holidays during school term times are always cheapest booked in advance.

However, if you are flexible, you are likely to get a last minute deal if you have the time to wait months for it to come along. The problems with waiting for a last minute deal is that there is a reason it hasn’t sold. The best accommodation and flight times are always booked first! Read full article by Travel Supermarket.

Plan your own holidays

Planning your own holidays will save you money. Airlines & hotels do not pay high commissions to travel agents. They understand that the majority of consumers will book directly online and with many competitors their margins are tight. This forces travel agents to add their commission on top of the online prices to make an earning. This might make things simple for you but could increase the price by up to 30%.

Best time to book a flight from the UK

Avoid school holidays when possible

For some people, travelling during school holidays is a must. But if you choose to holiday during summer just because you like to get away in August, moving your dates to just one week before or after could cut the cost in half. You will more than likely get the same weather and have the same experience but pay much less.

Ask if you can pay in instalments with no additional interest

Now this will not get the total cost down, but paying in instalments will make you not miss the money as much. Phone or email the company that you are booking the holiday with and explore payment options. Although this might not be advertised on the companies home page, this does not mean that they will let a customer walk away. “If you don´t ask, you don´t get.”

Explore promotional holiday options

There are a few holiday clubs or hotel chains that offer promotional holidays. This allows potential new customers to sample a holiday at a fraction of the price. This is great for hotels as they could potentially get new visitors year after year and good for the customer that isn’t prepared to pay full price without knowing or experiencing the company.

Browse promotional holiday destinations

What is a promotional holiday?

Book holiday extras online

Most people understand that they will get a better deal when booking flights and accommodation online. So why does this change when people arrive to their holiday destination? 90% of tourists do not arrange their airport transfers or excursions online!

The reason things are cheaper online or over the phone is purely down to running costs. You need to understand how many people are in that line to make a commission. From the moment you have been approached in person, passed to the sales person where you part with your cash, and all the way up to the company CEO. Everyone is earning money from your payment.